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cTrader Mobile

Just for you, we have launched a demo application where you can try the new features of cTrader Mobile before they go live.

Spotware cTrader (Public Beta)
cTrader App mobile

A Beast in Your Pocket

cTrader Mobile is a powerful trading platform for on-the-go
trading composed in a simple and easy application.

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8 Awesome Things

You Can Do on cTrader Mobile

Add multiple indicators and drawings on charts in fullscreen mode.
Set up email alerts and push notifications for your trading events.
Choose the preferred color of indicators.
See a number of open positions per trading pair in Watchlist.
View Position, Order, Stop Loss & Take Profit lines on charts.
Create orders in one click directly from the chart in full-screen mode.
Measure pip distance on charts with chart Pipsometer tool.
See the peaks and dips of price with chart type "Area".

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